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- both the novels by Tanya Huff and the Blood Ties TV series starring Christina Cox, Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal. Vicki Nelson, Henry Fitzroy and Mike Celluci made flesh .....

What would have happened in season two ...

There were never any scripts written for season two of the-never-to-be-filmed-again Blood Ties - However, there was an outline of what would happen.
Showrunner Peter Mohan has kindly shared those plans with us - you can read them on the Blood Ties Season 2 page
Posted 2011 February 2

RingCon reports

Tanya Huff posted a report about her RingCon experience in Bonn October 2010 - you can read it on her livejournal And of course the Blood Ties Trio of Tanya Huff, Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal was a great success.

RingCon News

Tanya Huff will join Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal at "RingCon!
Posted 2010 June 22

New Vicki short story

Tanya Huff has written a new Vicki Nelson short story for the vampire collection "Evolve", published by Edge. Edge says it's already available - Amazon.com says it will be released in September 2010.

Blood Ties has just been released on blu-ray in the US - sadly still without the extensive extras that fans were once promised. I wish Vicki Nelson could unravel THAT mystery!

Henry Fitzroy could be back!

From HollywoodReporter

'Smoke and Mirrors' for Fremantle Corp. New vampire series based on books by Canadian Tanya Huff

By Etan Vlessing

April 8, 2010, 09:42 AM ET TORONTO -- The Fremantle Corporation and Kaleidoscope Entertainment are developing a new vampire series, "Smoke & Mirrors," based on the "Smoke" book series by Canadian fantasy author Tanya Huff.

Kaleidoscope in 2007 turned Huff's "Blood" book series into the Lifetime Television series "Blood Ties," which also aired in Canada on Citytv and Space.

Fremantle and Kaleidoscope are now shopping "Smoke & Mirrors," starting at MIPTV, as a possible Canadian-European co-production. The urban fantasy series will see the return of Henry Fitzroy, the 474 year-old vampire, in a series of paranormal misadventures experienced on a fictional TV series shoot.

Kaleidoscope president Randall Zalken will executive produce the Canadian vampire drama.

The launch of "Smoke & Mirrors" comes as Toronto-based Fremantle continues developing a slate of commercial dramas as co-productions for global distribution.

And from C21Media:
Fremantle's vampire flies to Cannes

With vampires in the ascendancy these days, Toronto-based Fremantle Corporation is developing a new blood-sucking drama based on books penned by Blood Ties scribe Tanya Huff.

Kaleidoscope Entertainment and Fremantle Corporation will be seeking coproduction partners for Smoke & Mirrors at MipTV next week, for a project that is based on the Smoke books written by Huff.

The story follows a vampire who heads to LA where one of his graphic novels is being adapted into a TV series. The show's exec producer Randy Zalken spoke of the show's "wonderful characters, tension-easing humour and devious, supernatural plot twists."

Kaleidoscope and Fremantle are trying to get this project off the ground as a possible EU/Canada coproduction. The show comes after the success of Vampire Diaries on The CW and the Twilight movie franchise.

Tanya Huff posted on Twitter that it would be set in Vancouver, not LA.
Good luck at MIPTV in Cannes guys!
MIPTV, April 12-16, 2010, Cannes, France.

Blood Ties Cast at RingCon 2010

Both Kyle and Dylan have signed on to be guests at RingCon.de 2010 in Bonn, Germany.

Blood Ties props on ebay!

Cancel Christmas! THIS is what you want to spend your money on!

I just got this email from someone at Kaleidoscope (the company that produced Blood Ties):


I just put up some original props & wardrobe from Blood Ties on eBay, and I'll have lots more going up in the next few days.
Everything is 100% original and used on the show - I am working with the producers of the show.
Email bloodtiesauctions if you have any questions or if there is anything in particular you are looking for!

Head on over to eBay and check it out.


Posted December 3, 2009 (you can do an advanced search for seller: bloodtiesauctions)
And don't worry - they DO ship worldwide.

Blood Ties Guests at RingCon in Germany 2009

Visit the RingCon website
Not long now until Kyle and Dylan at RingCon in Bonn, Oktober 2 - 4.

Blood Ties DVD Give-Away WINNER fund

The winner is Tanya Povolatti from Michigan - congrats Tanya!
I will get the DVDs in the mail asap.

140 people participated in the giveaway, and Kyle picked #54 to win. Everyone had the right answer ... well, there was one person who sent me the birthday of Henry Fitzroy's father, Henry VIII ... and thank you to those of you who commented about ending the competition on Henry's birthday ;-)
Posted 2009 June 17

Blood Ties DVD Give-Away Update

If all goes well and it doesn't get lost in the mail, the DVD cover will be signed by Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal.

Keep your fingers crossed - the project involves the US Mail, the Canadian Mail and the Danish Mail.

So far everyone who has participated has sent the right answer :-)
Posted 2009 May 29

WIN the first season of Blood Ties on US DVD

Blood Ties DVD cover from Eagle Rock Entertainment
To win, send an email to Give Away with the birthday of the REAL Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Somerset - day, month and year.


The competition closes June 15, 2009.

The give-away is sponsored by Eagle Rock Entertainment - many thanks - we love ya!
Posted 2009 May 27

Blood Ties US DVD release is non-anamorphic wide screen

Screen capture from the US DVD
Contrary to what's been listed on Amazon, the US Blood Ties DVD release IS wide screen - the same format as the UK and The German release. It has black bands at top and bottom, but once the black bands have been removed, the image 1,78:1 (16:9)
The only difference is that the US image is slightly smaller - only 720 pixels wide where the others are 768 pixels wide. That might be due to the difference between the NTSC and the PAL formats.
It's region 0 so should it play worldwide.

I also added two 2010 conventions on Tanya Huff's page and added the biography that used to be on the Meisha Merlin publisher's site.
Posted 2009 May 25

Tanya Huff signing in Toronto

Tanya Huff will be signing in Toronto, Saturday June 6. Signing will start at three and go until around five. Location: Bakka Phoenix Book Store, 697 Queen Street, West Toronto.
Posted 2009 May 22

Blood Ties US DVD release

According to Eagle Rock Entertainment, the US release of the "first season" of Blood Ties on DVD is still scheduled for a June 2nd release - and not delayed to June 23 as has been reported.
View their Blood Ties trailer and check out their Blood Ties E-Card

Blood Ties Guests at RingCon in Germany

Visit the RingCon website
Kyle and Dylan were supposed to appear at FrightCon in Bonn this July, but due to poor ticket sales, the convention has been cancelled. Instead they will appear at RingCon in Bonn, Oktober 2 - 4. Ringcon has already sold the minimum number of tickets, so it's sure to take place.

Guests so far:
Dylan Neal and Kyle Schmid - from Blood Ties.
Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis - from Harry Potter.
Ashley Greene, Edi Gathegi and Kellan Lutz - from Twilight.
Lori Dungey - from Lord of the Rings.
Note - actors only attend work permitting.
Posted 2009 May 18

Blood Ties US DVD release part Two

The second Blood Ties DVD set is slated for a tentative September release.
Posted 2009 March 5

WIN Blood Ties on German DVD - ended

The competition is only open to fans from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as this is the German release, promoted by a German company.
Please go to the Contest page for details
Posted 2009 March 2

Blood Ties US DVD release June 2

We finally have a date for the longawaited US DVD release: June 2
Posted 2009 February 26

Announcing the Great Blood Ties Rewatch

The Great Blood Ties Rewatch has started!
GBTR on the forum - watch the episodes and discuss them as if you had never seen them before. And enjoy reading Tanya Huff's comments too (those that were originally posted in connection with the premiere of each episode. Posted 2009 February 13

Convention news

Kyle and Dylan will be at FrightCon in Bonn,Germany, July 31 - August 2, 2009
Posted 2009 February 26

Blood Ties in TVHighlight

The February issue of TVHighlight has MANY pages about Blood Ties - including an interview with Kyle Schmid, the second half of the episode guide - AND a centerfold poster of our favorite vampire, Henry Fitzroy
Posted 2009 February 26

Bloodlines is BACK

Without the forum and the galleries, but the interviews and synopsies are there!
Posted 2009 February 26

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